Do You Have a Successful Launch Strategy for your online business?

Updated: Sep 28

Do you have a Launch Strategy? How do you prepare to make a sale?

✔︎Tell you family about your launch?

✔︎Send a few quick emails?

✔︎Do Facebook Ads (or any other advertising for that matter)? And still, you’ve got nothing…. no response… no sale?! 💸

“What am I doing wrong?” Well, firstly…. you’re not doing anything wrong! You just don’t have the right Launch Strategy to make any sales…. Simple as that! As an entrepreneur, it hurts, especially if we invested too much to make things work.

Below we will list the three main stages for any product/service launch.

By applying these 3 stages in your Launch Strategy, you’ll see more engagement with your audience and as a result, more sales.

Read more about each stage:

1. The Pre-Launch

2. During The Launch

3. Post-Launch

1. The Pre-Launch

Make sure to plan your pre-launch for about 2 to 3 weeks before launch.

Steal this guide for your reference.

Set a sales target for your launch.

Create a Lead Magnet for your email campaign.

Sharing images or videos of what you're doing behind the scenes for the launch.

Sharing information and tips via Facebook groups or ask feedbacks, don't forget to tell them when your doors will be open.

Post on your personal social media about your business and ask your friends and family to share it with you.

Going live on social media. Make sure to use social media and tell everyone when you will be accepting clients to join your membership.

2. During the Launch

Start with people to join you in your live videos, webinar, or virtual party.

Make it fun and educational with giveaways. Engage with your potential customers as much as possible.

Explain to them what is the whys behind your business. Tell them your story and tell them the benefits of your products or services and why they need this. What problem does your product or service solve?

Talk to them. Listen to their queries and be helpful.

More importantly, have a deadline and let them know how many hours are left before closing your doors.

You may also use the strategy that says the first 100 people to purchase will be catered.

3. Post-Launch

Some people are not aware of the value of doing post-launch.

Keep in mind that you invested the money for your launching, so value your money and make every minute count.

After your doors opened, run it for a few days (5-10 days after the launch).

This way, you can still engage with your audience who are not convinced on your sales pitch.

Share more videos, do a live Q&A to answers all of your viewer's questions and concerns.

Give them clarity about what exactly you can bring to the table that can help them achieve their desired result.

Check out these post-launch strategies that you can do.

• Send them a few reviews on what others say about your products or your online course.

• Answer all objections professionally and respectfully.

• Confirm what help they need and inform them about your return policy

• Send them one last reminder regarding your deadline or launch special.

• You have no idea how many people join or buy from you, even at the last minute before closing your doors.

So, if you're struggling to make any sales, then think about relaunching a Product or Service.

And it doesn't have to be a new product or service – you can relaunch your existing products or services.

Always remember to plan for your success, set goals, have the right money mindset then you will feel a lot less stressed, by doing everything correctly and planning in advance.

Then you will feel a lot less stressed by doing everything accurately and planning.

Following these methods and strategies will provide you a better result compared to not having any plan at all.

It will give you a lot more engagement from leads, a more convinced audience, and overflowing inquiries on the launch of your next sales.

PS… you don’t have to figure all this out by yourself. If you want to rebrand or elevate your business to the next level, fill out my contact form here. I’d absolutely love to hear from you and see how we can bring your vision to life! ✨

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