How to attract your ideal customers

Updated: Sep 28

Does this sound like you? You have the best products/services but feel like your marketing messages is getting nowhere? I totally feel you and that’s why I want to share some tips on how to attract your ideal customers.

I am sure you’ve already heard of this quote “when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one” from Meredith Hill.

This quote is basically saying that if you are trying to targeting or marketing to everyone, then you message will be too genetic and your message will end up not appealing to anyone. Nobody will resonate with your message and no one is going to hear you. Communicate in their language how you can help to solve their problem. One of the most important ways to scale your business is to have a clear message that attract your ideal customers. But first thing first let’s define who you ICA (ideal client avatar) is? Once you know who your audience is you will be able to follow, engage and know where to find them! (Which is exactly how you will be able to boost sales ans increase your profit or simply to connect with the right people).

Let's take a look at some tips on how to attract your ideal customers✨

1) Make sure to sell what the customer wants and not what you want to sell

If you are not sure what your customers wants just ask. Do a market research, pull up an Instagram poll and ask what customers is looking for or struggling with. There's nothing worse than launching a product that nobody wants right?

2) Know your worth

Ask yourself one simple question "Does your product or service solve your ideal customer's problem/issue?" Offer valuable products and services that truly benefit your audience. Remember you also have to be CONFIDENT & TRUST what you have to offer.If you don't believe in your own product or service, why would people do?

3) Build a consistent Brand Identity based on a solid brand strategy

Your brand's first impression matters. And if your brand identity leaves people a different impression or feeling accross multiple social media platforms and you might not be attracting your ideal customers. DEFINE WHO'S YOUR ICA (Ideal customer avatar). People are attracted to those they can relate to. You can take benefits By having a strong & consistent brand image that reflect your personality and core values.

4) Be at where your ideal customer is

With so many social media platforms available nowadays, it is so important to know exactly where your ideal customers is, whcih platform do they spend the most time on? Is it online or offline, and then persistenly interact with them.

5) Create a clear message & CTA - You need to have CALL TO ACTION

Once you define your ideal customers, you need to make your message clearand have your call to action. Your content should speak directly to that person so that your audience will resonate with your brand.


Know the value of your brand, business and products. Stop focusing on information (product or service description that nobody cares about). Focus on what values do they bring, and how can it change or make an impact on someone's life? Show the world the result not just how great your products or services are.

7) Always follow up

Be sure to stay connected and engaged with your ideal customers. Follow up with them after discovery call, show them that you care about them and genuinely want to work with them. Send personal emails, personal gift and engage with them through questions, polls, and even giveaway contests.

8) Focus on your customers, always providing Values - exceed your client's expectation

Always find ways to improve your client experience and how your products or services solve a problem. Don't be afraid to share the behind the scenes of what you value. Because people connect with authenticity and the person behind the brand. Always deliver high-satisfactory products and customer support for your business to attract your ideal clients. Find ways to surprise them and always overdeliver.

9) Start a referral program

Using a referral program to connect with more ideal clients is definitely key: create a system wherein successful referrals will be rewarded. Rewards can be simple things like a free consultation call, audit or a discount for a service or product. Give your customers the reason to hire you or buy from you over and over again. Build a long lasting relationship.

Now let's start implementing these tips and start attracting your dream clients. Feel free to reach out to me or apply to my client application waitlist if you are ready to elevate your business to the next level and need someone to help you to sort all things out to build and align your brand strategy to attract your ideal customers. Trust me you are not alone in this entrepreneurial journey and you don’t have to figure out everything by your own. Get in touch and let’s create a thriving business!

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