What I outsource as a brand strategist & web designer?

Updated: Sep 28

One of the biggest objectives that I set for myself at the beginning of 2021 was to find a virtual assistant/VA or a team who I can delegate and outsource my business tasks to. This idea came to me when I was in a ClubHouse room listening to a millionaire (forgot who it was exactly) but he was talking about how he became so successful and the things he does to run a 7-8 figures business. This topic has really inspired me and give me some idea on how to run a profitable business more effectively. Here is one of the key takeaways from his "TedTalk" and I just wanted to share this major mindset shift here with y'all:

  • Don't trade your time for money: Trading time for money has got to be the worst way to make a living $$$. Because time is finite, so when you trade time for money, you cap your income. Whether you're paid $15 or $150 per hour, your income is limited by the number of hours you can put in. TIME IS SO VALUABLE, value time over money, outsource whenever possible.)

As someone who's always been a perfectionist and a control freak, I had some hard time delegating my tasks to someone else. But after listened to that "TedTalk" on Clubhouse, I finally realized how I was limiting myself in growing my business by spreading myself too thin and not outsourcing.

If you are also an entrepreneur you should also know that there is just so much going on in running a business, and if you think you are constantly stuck on a hamster wheel like I did, well, it is probably time to consider outsourcing your tasks and refocus on what really matters in your business. I knew It was about time for me to outsource in order to scale my business and continue to grow at the rate that I've been growing.

So here are just a few things I've decided to invest in and outsource as a brand strategist and website designer.

  1. Blog post and newsletter content (based on my outlines)

  2. Web Developing (Website Custom coding)

  3. Pinterest Management & Optimization

  4. Business Registration, legalities & accounting

  5. Copy Writing

  6. Branding Photos & Videos

  7. Business Automations, project management software

  8. Social Media Manager for content planning and hashtag research

Thanks to delegating and outsourcing, I am only truly responsible for a few aspects of my business, including:

  • Client meeting, work & management

  • Outlining Content

  • Showing up on video more

  • Relationship Building (coffee chats, interacting on social media)

  • Creating other products

  • Focusing on my other business

  • Investing in education and keep learning to improve my skills, client process and experience

Being an entrepreneur can get lonely, but I am here to let you know that it doesn't always have to be that way, you can hire someone who has the same vision as you and is there to help you whenever you need help, knowing someone is working toward the same goals with you is extremely comforting. If you are a solopreneur looking to scale your business to the next level, I would highly recommend hiring a VA (visual Assistant), SMM (Social Media Manager), OBM (Online Business Manager), etc.

Here are some quick tips on outsourcing:

  1. Start small and easy! Figure out what’s taking you a lot of time and taking away from client work. Find someone even for a few hours per month to start helping out with those items.

  2. Don’t go for the cheapest person out there. Lower price point could mean lower quality of work! And you will probably end up doing everything by yourself again!

  3. Figure out your systems first. Record your processes whenever possible and don’t forget about those written processes. They are so valuable!

  4. Get clear on the type of person you want and what your expectations for them will be. This will guide your hiring search.

  5. Set up a project management software where you will be able to communicate and set expectations.

  6. Ask for recommendations from fellow biz besties and trust your gut when hiring. If it doesn’t feel like the perfect fit, it won’t be.

I truly hope these tips are helpful and encourage you as you begin (or seriously consider) outsourcing for your business. Gaining extra help can allow you to get back to the root of why you love your work and leave room to brainstorm new ideas!

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